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Carpet Stain Removal Colorado Springs

Stain RemovalWe have the technical expertise and experience to identify all spots and stains in carpet fibers and fine fabrics.

Here at Super Steam, we have the ability to choose the right chemistry and techniques for complete stain or spot removal. It doesn’t matter if it is kool aid, mustard, ink, finger nail polish, magic marker, Iodine, coffee, wine, or juice. The list goes on and on.

Tough set in stains are our specialty. We consider ourselves experts in stain removal and love to give you great results.

Don’t fuss with the mess, with any stain the quicker you act, the more likely you will receive a successful outcome. Try to stay away from cleaning agents found in super markets, as they can often worsen a stain. If your carpet requires a padding change or color restoration, we are here to help.

Stain Removal

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