Dryer Vent Cleaning Colorado Springs

Dryer Vent Cleaning Colorado SpringsMost of us cannot imagine living without our home appliances. It is easy and convenient to be able to immediately dry your laundry in your dryer. However, you need to be aware of the risks involved if your dryer vent is not properly cleaned on a regular basis.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that over 15,000 household fires are caused in the United States each year by residential clothes dryers. The majority of these fires occur due to improper ventilation and lint fires. The average damage caused by a dryer fire is approximately $9,000.
If you are not sure when your last vent cleaning occurred, you can check your dryer’s performance. The following factors indicate that it is likely time for a cleaning:

• A burning smell when the dryer is in use
• A longer drying time than normal
• Your dryer feels hotter than normal
• Extra lint on your clothing
• No lint in your lint trap
• A moldy smell on your clothing

If your dryer exhibits one or more of these issues, contact Super Steam, Inc. today to schedule your appointment.

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